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  • ​​The clean simple design looks elegant and fits most handles. 
  • Soft, washable 100% cotton terry material, handle-this is easy to attach and remove for laundering.
  • Covers are 15” x 4.5” sold as a set, two handle covers per package.​​​
  • Publishers Clearing House 2013 fall product!

  • Hot Summer Pick for Ventura Blvd. Magazine, CA
  • Handle-This covers: 2 covers per package

  • Currently available in heather gray​

  • Washable



Protect your Investment
  • Easy to attach
  • Easy to remove
  • ​Protect your handles from finger prints, scratches and grime.
  • Fastening the covers before washing is recommended.


For the comfort, cleanliness and convenience of your handles. Keep your handles clean from ​sticky finger prints, scratches and grime.

Protective Handle Covers