For the comfort, cleanliness and convenient of your handles, appliances, and more.

Colors:      Heather Gray 

Dimensions:  Medium  15 x 4.50

                    Large     12 x 5.0

$12.99 per package + $4.00 shipping and handling.


Easy to attach

Easy to remove



"My refrigerator feels naked without them."

We love our handle-this covers. They fit well with our modern kitchen design and are wonderful at keeping our stainless steel appliances clean and free of smudges. We use them on our refrigerator, freezer, and oven.

When they get dirty we simply pop them in the washer.

– Mark and Ellen, Walpole, MA

We got the three packages and my wife is very happy with them.

The handles look very nice and are just what we needed.

Please keep us posted when you deliver the colored ones,  as my wife would be interested in having them for decoration purposes.

– Luis F. Menendez

Even the neatest cooks need a

helping hand.

handle-this  handle covers are a soft, washable terry material that are comfortable to the touch and protects your handles, from finger prints, scratches and grime.

One size fits most appliances and handles on refrigerators, ovens, cabinets, shopping carts, BBQ's, tool boxes, trash cans, etc.